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NAME:  Doug Kayne

ALIASES:  "Citizen Kayne", "Mr. Kayne", "Kanye East"

SPECIAL SKILLS:  Shaping and torturing young minds.  Can play a moderately mean ukulele.  Does spacework like nobody's business.  Adds snark and sarcasm liberally.

LOVES:  Family, friends, Diet Dr. Pepper, chocolate chip cookies, Star Wars, comic books.

HATES:  Coffee, root beer, sweet potatoes, and pumpkin. 

OBLIGATORY INSPIRATIONAL QUOTE:  "Comedy is something we can all share, no matter what language we speak or our background, it has the power to unite us all." - Paul Goodman

BIO:  Teacher, writer, actor, comedian, smart-ass.  That pretty much sums up Doug.  He teaches high school.  He teaches improv with Joy Theatre.  He's done stand-up.  He's performed children's theatre as a lion, a beast, a rabbit, a hook-handed pirate, and a crazy castaway.  His first screenplay was made into a made-for-TV movie.  He's done his own stunts.  He hates writing bios.    

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