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NAME:  Jane Hopkins

ALIASES: "Janathan," "Bunky," "Tiggs," and "The Beast."

SPECIAL SKILLS:  Drawing things that don't exist, accents, movie trivia, elaborate puns, hyperfocusing.. 

LOVES: Improv, musical theatre, Finnish metal, axolotls, undercuts, horror fiction, spicy tuna, and all the wonderful people in her life.

HATES: Cruelty and ketchup. 

OBLIGATORY INSPIRATIONAL QUOTE:  "You must be careful with kindness. It's usually mistaken for weakness by stupid people.” ― Clive Barker

BIO: Jane grew up with cats instead of siblings, which explains a lot. From an early age, she loved to write and illustrate her own stories, drawing inspiration from classic 80s fantasy films. She is a graduate of The Royal School of Church Music, completed college in Japan, and spent several years selling high-end lingerie. All of that is totally true. She is honored to perform with her fellow misfits Doug and Ryan. 

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