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NAME:  Ryan Provencher

ALIASES:  "Ry," "RyGuy," and "Matt Damon."

SPECIAL SKILLS:  Magic, can play five instruments (ukulele, guitar, clarinet, saxophone, harmonica).

LOVES:  Family, friends, movies, James Bond, Indiana Jones, Star Wars, Star Trek, writing, and reading.

HATES:  Rudeness, yelling, eggs, and spicy food. 

OBLIGATORY INSPIRATIONAL QUOTE:  "Make 'em laugh, make 'em laugh/Don't you know ev'ry one wants to laugh?" - Singin' In The Rain

BIO:  Ryan has been acting since he was a little boy and has been performing with Doug and Jane for a number of years. Ryan likes making people feel good and laugh. If he can make one person smile or laugh a day then that's pretty great.

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